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25 February 2011 @ 04:51 pm
Title: Close
Author: fuzzyniffler
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Summary: Kink meme. Prompt was- Lap-fucking. Arthur sits in the cradle of Eames's lap, his arms around Eames's neck, their legs wrapped around each other's backs, bent at the knees, supporting each other. Intense, and maybe a little bit tender <3
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
A/N: Archived here just because I felt like it yo. Hopefully it's likable and etc.

Eames has missed Arthur very much. He hates when either of them have to leave for a job or any other reason. Sometimes he wishes he could lock Arthur in their apartment and keep him, only for himself and his fingers.

He knows Arthur wouldn't stand for that. But he can pretend that maybe someday it could happen. It won't, because Arthur needs work. Needs to travel. Has been travelling, and Eames has missed him.

But Arthur's back now, from his too-long job, looking particularly debauched with his tie undone and shirt hanging open, pants unbuttoned and the dark trail of hair leading down where Eames wants to be. They haven't even touched yet, but Arthur knows how Eames likes him to look. How he likes to look for Eames.

Eames is already naked on the bed, having read the text that Arthur had sent him about twenty minutes ago. He's been waiting in the same position for the last fifteen- muscles taut and fingers flexing in anticipation.

The lamp in the corner of the bedroom is on, adding a golden glow. It'd be romantic if it wasn't for the way Eames leaves clothes around when Arthur isn't home. If it wasn't for the way the bedcovers are all wrinkled, not laying precisely at all on the bed.

The fading light from the cracks in the blinds throws brighter spots over where shadows should rest on Arthur's skin.

His partner is stepping forward with slow, deliberate paces, and Eames watches him. There's a low light in his eyes and a deep sound rumbling from his throat. His heart is pounding fast, and Arthur has always been able to do that to him. Make his throat tighten and his heart beat madly.

Arthur slides his way into Eames' lap and they groan low together when their lips and bodies meet. Eames disapproves of the clothing still clinging to the Point Man's body- mostly just the pants- but he can deal for a little longer, as long as Arthur's lips stay on him.

And they do, along with Arthur's hands, all over his skin. It makes him so hot, and he can't quite breathe right. In the best way. Eames fingers downwards, slowly, and growls Arthur's name.

"Off, Arthur," he breathes, and there's a low laugh in his ears. He wants to pull Arthur's hair to make him stop that. But his lover's hips rock down and he forgets that for a second.

The lanky man slides off and wiggles his hips out of his pants and underwear. Eames watches with a low, approving purr. Arthur licks his lips before going to grab their bottle of lube and slide back into Eames' waiting lap.

"Now, please," Arthur's voice is low and husky and commanding as the bottle slips from his fingers into Eames' hand. The Forger makes a low noise as Arthur straddles his lap and presses into him. He's tall enough so his cock is pressed and flushed against Eames' breastbone.

Eames tries to moves slowly, he honestly does. But before he really realizes it, his fingers are wet, probably more than they need to be, and he's nudging his first fingertip into Arthur.

He's probably not as careful as he should be, but Arthur's right there, pushing against his fingers and moaning for him, all Eames, and fuck, and it doesn't matter, please, and he can't quite take that.

Arthur lifts himself up a little farther once Eames removes his fingers, trembling and flush against him, hips rocking ever so faintly for friction. It's almost driving Eames mad, almost, and he's kissing along Arthur's belly for a few moments before he slicks himself up and reaches up to grip the other man's hips.

His gaze turns upwards as Arthur moves down, and he moans through barely parted lips as the tight heat of the Point Man takes him in slowly. It's something he's missed more than he even realized, nearly making him sob in his pleasure.

Arthur moans softly once he's fully seated on Eames. They tilt their heads together and breathe each other's breath quietly. Arthur shifts, causing a tremble through his own body and a moan is pulled from Eames' throat.

When the Point Man wraps his long legs and arms around the Forger's body, a heavy groan escapes him. Not one of wanton lust, or even of pleasure, but of a longing satisfied. Eames meets the noise with a matching one of his own and turns his head to meet Arthur's lips. Their kiss is long and slow, until Eames rocks his hips, and Arthur groans again, through pleasure now. Eames swallows that noise and every other that Arthur makes greedily until Arthur cannot keep their lips together, instead pressing his forehead against the Forger's, holding his gaze.

It's not like their usual. It's slow and long and something they both need.

Arthur's voice is coming in higher and higher noises as he clings to the other man, lips against his ear, and Eames knows he's close. He slides a hand between them to curl around the leaking member between them. Arthur nearly chokes and the noise makes Eames' hips buck upwards.

Eames comes before Arthur with a heavy sound, spilling into his partner as his fingers dig into the man's skin. Eames feels Arthur arch and spill over in his hand as his head slowed its spinning.

They sit together, Eames still inside Arthur, and Eames doesn't know how much time passes before they finally separate.

Arthur smiles down at him almost shakily as he's up on his knees, and kisses Eames' lips, and Eames wishes, again, that he could keep this man here in his arms forever.

As he watches Arthur slide off the bed to remove what remains of his clothing and wash himself off, he knows he can pretend for a little while. At least until one of them has to leave again.

But for the time being, while Arthur is here, breathing the same air and close enough to hold, he can pretend.


I'll update this with something that matters soon. I'm probably lying.
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