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29 January 2011 @ 04:59 pm
Oh my god what is this fanfiction?  
Title: A Part of Something
Author: fuzzyniffler
Pairing: Arthur/Dominic Cobb/Mal Cobb
Summary: Written for Porn Battle 2011 tbh. Prompt was Arthur/Dom/Mal, embrace, belonging
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
A/N: I like the idea of these three, I'm not gonna lie. This is just one of the ways I feel like they could have been. Also first fill ever and first time writing a threesome so I hope it's not too disappointing D:

Arthur never spent the night, not at first. He was young when he first met the Cobbs, almost too young to be taken seriously. But they had been looking for a point man, and Mal had taken a look at him and smiled. Dom had seemed hesitant, but she had leaned in and whispered in his ear and he nodded. Arthur remembered thinking about what a beautiful couple they were. And how it was nice to see a couple so truly in love.

Their first job together was a success, and afterward Arthur became something like their friend, the first one they'd call when they needed a point man. He found he wanted to be around them more and more with every day they spent together.

But if they worked late, or if they invited him to dinner, or both, he always excused himself at the end of the night, saying he should get home and that he didn't want to impose.

Mal was the one who asked him to stay the first night he spent in their house, and it was more telling than asking.

"For goodness sake, Arthur," she said, hands on her hips and gaze amused, "it's 3 in the morning. Stay." And he paused, but Dom was already spreading a blanket out for him on the couch.

He had curled up under the blanket and fallen asleep, happy to have the smell of the two of them and their home in his head.

That particular job ended up keeping him late most of the nights they worked on it. And they invited him over for dinner the other days. Usually, they'd push him to stay. He didn't mind. But days when they didn't ask, he still excused himself.

It was a celebratory dinner where things changed.

Mal kissed him first, and he was stunned into almost stuttering. He stayed silent instead, eyes wide, and she laughed. Her curls bounced against her cheeks when she shook her head.

"Arthur, dear," she had said, and that was all. The fondness in her voice unnerved him a little bit, and he looked between Mal and Dom while the silence pushed through his head, making it ache.

"Stay with us," Dom said finally, and Arthur's breath caught.

"Tonight?" Arthur asked softly, and the Cobbs shared a look before Mal smiled.

"Not just tonight," she said. Arthur's heart was banging against his ribcage when he nodded once. He wasn't sure if he could have spoken anyway, his tongue felt thick in his mouth. Mal clapped her hands and kissed him for the second time, her delicate hands cupping his face when she did.

Dom was the one that led them to the bedroom. His hand was hot and dry in Arthur's, while Mal's cooler fingers threaded between his other.

Mal climbed on the bed first before tugging Arthur up. Her lips were against his again and it made a kind of shiver move over his skin. Dom's lips were hot on his back while Mal's fingers trailed down his chest and lower. They made him tremble and moan, and he wondered why, why they were doing this. But that thought, along with any other, was pushed away soon enough.

Dom's fingers were in Arthur, and he had noticed the man slicking them up but the motions didn't connect until he felt himself being stretched out. It wasn't that he was a virgin, with men or women, but he hadn't been expecting it and it startled a noise out of him. There was a low rumble of a laugh from Dom, and Mal was still feeling her way over his skin, distracting him, relaxing him.

Dom's fingers left him, a moment of finally even as he shuddered at the loss before firm hands were on his hips, guiding him back and down. He hadn't been fucked in a long time, and he could feel it. It was that hurt that felt like it could break him apart, but in the best way possible.

Arthur was still trying to breathe and bring himself back into his head when Mal straddled the two of them. Arthur's hands were sliding over her stomach and down her legs as he tried to get more time to think, even just a little bit. Her name escaped his lips in a puff of air before she lowered herself onto him, and he knew, with her slow glide, that he would never be quite the same.

He had never felt anything like this before. There was a higher level of need that threaded between the three of them than he had ever felt before, and he'd never forget it. Mal's forehead fell onto one of his shoulders while Dom's fell on the other. It was a marvel that the two around him seemed to be able to move at the same time, with the same kind of shifting, limbs and bodies twitching the same way.

He came before they did and he caught a glimpse of the smile on Mal's lips before his eyes closed and he moaned, loud and needy. She shifted, lifting herself off of his softening cock, but still in his lap. He felt one of her delicate hands thread through his hair, and her other arm rested on his shoulder. He presumed she was holding onto Dom too. Dom, who was still rocking in and out of him.

There was a boldness that welled in Arthur's head and chest then, and it compelled his fingers down, between the folds of her sex and into her. There was a surprised gasp that escaped her lips, and he decided he liked the sound of it. He moved his fingers as Dom moved in him, and he really liked to be in the middle of this kind of intimacy. He felt like he was needed there, for a moment, before he wondered if that was selfish or even wrong, because they were the ones who were in love. He decided not to think more about that for now.

His fingers were still moving, faster now as he could feel Dom's rhythm becoming more sporadic, and Mal arched as her fingers clenched tightly in the back of his hair, all breath gone from her body. At almost the same moment he felt Dom come, and there was an aching pressure in Arthur's chest when they shuddered and went boneless around him, seeming even to come back to him at the same time.

They fell asleep tangled up together. It took Arthur a little longer drift off than it usually would. Not because he was uncomfortable- quite the opposite, in fact- but because he wanted to memorize the feel of Dom curled around his back, arm around the two of them, and the way Mal's head was tucked just under his chin.


There was coffee waiting for him in the morning, and he felt a kind of warmth pool in his stomach before he drank, because Dom handed him a mug without a word, coffee just how he liked it. Mal was still asleep, and Arthur wasn't quite sure what to say.

"I have to go home," he said, finally, and there was a look that flashed in Dom's eyes, one that made Arthur's stomach twist. "I have to get more clothes," He added quickly, and Dom seemed to sigh and nod.

"Come back though," he said. It wasn't a request, and Arthur swallowed. "I'm making breakfast for us, and Mal will be upset if you're not here too."

Arthur nodded slowly, and he came back with a bag packed. He just came in, didn't even knock, which is something he had never really done before to anywhere that wasn't his own home. But Mal and Dom just smiled at him when he came in, and he took a moment to breathe in and out.

He spent more and more nights at the Cobb's. Eventually, he stopped leaving.
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L: Arthur- Wait for the kickmy_0wn_madness on January 30th, 2011 12:16 am (UTC)
You know I love this c: I really like this dynamic of them too... I think it fits really well. And it's adorable/hot :3

I forever love your descriptions, but you know that.

Your words are beautiful and I love you. ♥
Are you watching?: Tom Hardy - Cutiefuzzyniffler on January 30th, 2011 04:36 am (UTC)
c: I'm glad you like it a lot.

My descriptions aren't that gooooood.

But thank you. I love you too ♥